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Title: Her Butler, Solicitous
Author/Artist: [personal profile] eevilalice
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: None not implied by the rating.
Word count: 1,319
Summary: Ciel is not her first, but his butler is.
A/N: I read mostly Sebastian/Ciel, but I could not resist this prompt and the story that immediately came to mind. This is my first Kuro fic, and my first non-HP fic, period. I’m pretty excited and hope it pleases!

Her Butler, Solicitous )
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Title: "Little Tiger"
Fandom: Kuroshitsuji/Black Butler
Characters: Ciel/Sebastian
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 1,284
Spoilers/Warnings: Spoilers for the Circus Arc.
Summary: Whether Ciel wanted to be or not, he would always be Sebastian's little tiger.
Notes: Written for the September 22 prompt for [ profile] springkink: Kuroshitsuji, Sebastian/Ciel; Beauty (of mind or body) - "Did he who made the Lamb make thee?"

Little Tiger
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Title: Before Last Rites
Author/Artist: [ profile] nekokoban
Rating: PG
Prompt: Black Butler, Ciel/Sebastian: companionship - until the very end
Word count: 1863
Summary: The last days of the Earl Ciel Phantomhive.

Before Last Rites )
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Title: and take my soul to rest
Author/Artist: [ profile] incandescens
Rating: PG
Warnings: None
Prompt: Kuroshitsuji; Sebastian/Ciel; the little death; what happens when Sebastian takes Ciel's soul
Word count: 833

and take my soul to rest )
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Title: Childish Things
Author/Artist: [ profile] harukami
Rating: R to NC-17
Warnings: Shotacon, references to rape
Prompt: Black Butler, Ciel/Sebastian: shotacon - to a demon, age means nothing.
Word count: 928
Summary: When Ciel was a child, he spoke as a child, he understood as a child, he thought as a child: but when he became a man, he put away childish things.

Childish Things )
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Title: hunger
Author/Artist: [ profile] incandescens
Rating: R
Warnings: See the prompt.
Prompt: Black Butler, Ciel/Undertaker/Sebastian: necrophilia - when Ciel dies, the Undertaker and his butler takes his time examining his body.
Word count: 1191

hunger )
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Author: [ profile] transient_words 

Word Count: 2126

Prompt: Black Butler, Ciel/Sebastian: orders - topping from the bottom.

Warning(s): underage!Ciel, metaphor and brackets abuse. Semi-explicit smut. Inappropriate use of gloves. Topping from bottom. And, as per usual of my pieces, even if I write smut, it’s never really about the sex.

A/N: To be quite honest, not sure if this is really what the prompter wanted - I might have interpreted this differently than you wanted? Yet, as this is /terribly/ late - I decided to do my best to finish it and just share.

Bet'd by [ profile] emberflie  who convinced me this wasn't utter garbage.

Read more... )
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Title: good intentions
Author/Artist: [ profile] incandescens
Rating: PG
Warnings: None.
Prompt: July 11th -- Black Butler, Bard/Finny/Maylene: penny dreadful - "Cook's only my day job. I'm actually building an airship out back."
Word count: 404

good intentions )
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Title: Afternoon, Butler Ascendant
Author/Artist: [ profile] darklove_zorg
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Ciel is 12 years old
Word count: 1541
Prompt: July 1st Black Butler, Ciel/Sebastian: orders - topping from the bottom
Summary: Ciel has been a brat, and Sebastian must keep the upper hand, even from the bottom.

All in a day's work )
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Title: Blood Pact.
Author: [ profile] arizonaicerose 
Rated: R
Warnings: vampires, blood
Word count: 3495
Summary:  A sudden determination breaks across the boy’s face as he pulls away from the candles. “What would I have to do?” Though he knows no matter what it is, he will do it. Ciel’s ready to try anything that may save him from a lifetime of sickness and pain.
A/N: Ohh this just came to me and in a matter of 2 days was written and waiting anxiously for July 1st to come. I hope that prompter likes it.
Prompt was: - Kuroshitsuji, Sebastian/Older!Ciel: au - Ciel is small, sickly and frail for his age, the last of his lineage -- oh and he's just made a contract of sorts with a 500-year-old vampire who wants to suck his blood

Deep blue eyes stare at the candle before them, his eyes unfocused as they stare ahead. )
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Title: official correspondence
Author/Artist: [ profile] incandescens
Rating: PG
Warnings: Only for kitten-haters.
Prompt: November 24th - Crossover, Black Butler/Hellsing, Sebastian/Integra: danger - a hell of a butler
Word count: 879

official correspondence )
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Title: time until darkness
Author/Artist: [ profile] incandescens
Rating: PG
Warnings: None
Prompt: November 10th - Black Butler, Sebastian/Ciel: possessiveness - the sky will run red with blood before I am done
Word count: 438

time until darkness )
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Title: Work of Art
Author: [ profile] aviss
Pairing: Grell/Red
Rating: PG-13
Prompt: bloodplay - We're not so different, you and I.
Word Count: 480

For the first time in all his existence, Grell is seeing beauty in a living, breathing human. )
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Title: Payment Pending
Author/Artist: [ profile] sagemuraken
Rating: PG
Warnings: Dark themes
Prompt: Black Butler, Sebastian/Ciel: powerplay - Who gives the orders, and who's really in control?
Word count: 424

Payment Pending )
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cosplayer : xcandystripper

Title: The Devil's in the Details: Null and Void
Author/Artist: Pixie-blade
Rating: T
Warnings: I don’t really know if they ever showed exactly how the contract was worded or formed, so please excuse any AU-ishness on that end.
Word count: 1,285
Prompt: 6/29/09; Kuroshitsuji; Sebastian x Ciel; Claiming/making the contract
A/N: The poem at the bottom is from Hansel and Gretel-Grimm’s.

Early posting due to me maybe quite probably forgetting to do so on Monday.
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Title: Job Well Done
Author/Artist: [ profile] sagemuraken
Rating: M
Warnings: Sexual themes
Prompt: Black Butler, Sebastian/Grell: Ciel orders Sebastian to "give that fellow what he wants" - "My Romeo is so *bold* ~ "
Word count: 837

Job Well Done )
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Title: Discovering Love
Author/Artist: [ profile] sagemuraken
Rating: R (18+)
Warnings: Sex scene
Prompt: Black Butler, Agni/Soma: hair-brushing - Let me do it to you now.
Word count: 1864

Discovering Love )
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Title: Red
Author/Artist: [ profile] sagemuraken
Rating: PG
Warnings: Blood
Prompt: Kuroshitsuji, Sebastian/Grell - blood-letting - every flower has thorns in hell

Red )



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