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Title: Gone, But Always Loved
Author: Bat
Rating: R
Warnings: Het, dark, hurt/comfort, angst, romance, drama, frottage, sexual content between minors (15 and 17) (not overly graphic and everyone keeps their clothes on)
Prompt: [Feb. 11th] Final fantasy XII - Penelo/ Reks – and it seems she could never stop them leaving, and she loved everyone who left nonetheless.
Word Count: 2,067
Summary: Penelo watched them all go away forever, but the hardest one to let go of was the one she loved the most.
A/N: Set post-game, but primarily focuses on events that occur pre-game (supposed to be a whole flashback thing, sorta). I fell in love with the prompt but once I started writing, I fell in love with the pairing. =3 I hope others do too. Oh, and yeah, apparently Penelo had older brothers (she mentions this in FFXII: RW) but it's never stated how many so I went with four because that's what I always picture. ^^; And sorry for the late fic!

Vaan pretended not to see them from the shadows. )
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Title: Contrast
Author/Artist: Bat (aka [livejournal.com profile] hamimifk
Rating: R
Prompt: Feb. 4th - Final Fantasy XII, Penelo/Fran: Exoticism - The contrast of their skin
Word Count: 981
Summary: Penelo relaxes with Fran after a long morning of battling Yarhi.
A/N: Sorry about the lateness! This is set during FFXII: Revenant Wings, but contains no spoilers for the game, only uses descriptions of Penelo's outfit and the default name of the airship you fly around on in the game. Also, the location is a beach (on the island with Cebe and Isshu on it) on the Muruc Cahuac Skysea, post-destruction of it. Oh, and there's an in-game joke in here about Penelo's cooking, which is supposedly gross but Vaan likes it. *snicker*

Dirty and tired from battle, Penelo flopped down on the sand; the ocean's tide washing over her bare feet, slippers forgotten at her side. )
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Title: A Forgiving Mistress
Author: [livejournal.com profile] vegakapera 
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Pre and post sex, yaoi, bad attempt at some humor & fluff.
Word Count: 917
Prompt: March 27th. Basch/Balthier - I would not dare to take your skies from you, Pirate.

Notes: Sorry for the delay, writers' block is a bitch



A Forgiving Mistress )

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Title: My last gift
Author: [livejournal.com profile] akiko
Rating: R?
Word count: 260
Prompt: Final Fantasy XII, Balthier/Basch: sickness/hurt-comfort - the last gift a friend can give is an ending
Summary: As it says on the tin
Warning: euthanasia, character death.
a poison we cannot cure )
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Title: By my name
Author: [livejournal.com profile] akiko
Rating: PG-13
Word count: 420
Prompt: Final Fantasy XII, Ashe: lonely at the top - She wishes she could hear them call her by name like they used to, instead of by "Your Majesty."
Summary: Ashe gets a surprise visit from some old friends.

Being Queen wasn't all it was cracked up to be. )
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Title: How Much More
Author/Artist: vegakapera
Rating: NC17
Warnings: BDSM (restraints and whips), H/C, angst, UST and some Fluff. No actual sex.
Word count: 1 763
Summary: Balthier/Basch - Painplay: How quickly he learns again, to trust the hand that holds the whip.
A/N: Con crit is very appreciated as I'm not happy with this one.


How Much More )
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Title: Sparks in the Midnight City
Author/Artist: [livejournal.com profile] seta_suzume
Rating: PG
Warnings: cyberpunk by someone who hasn't read/watched anything cyberpunk ^^;
Word count: about 2,700 words in this section
Prompt: Final Fantasy XII- Dr. Cid/Venat- cyberpunk AU- ghost in the machine
Summary: Ffamran isn't sure he wants to know what's gotten his father so strangely worked up.
A/N: Part 1. Whew, once I got an idea for this prompt, it just went wild. So, there's a lot of set up in this section. I haven't finished the entire fic yet, though I'm fairly confident in my ability to deliver sometime later this month. Since I already had a decent section finished, I thought I might as well not make the prompter wait.
Err, also, tentative title.

Archades was a dark city. )
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Title: Falling is Like This
Author/Artist: [livejournal.com profile] threewalls
Rating: R
Warnings: consent issues/dubcon, drunkenness
Prompt: Final Fantasy XII, Balthier/Fran: Adventuring together – "We are sky pirates!"
Word count: ~4050
Summary: This is the first time Balthier and Fran don't have sex.

Would you share a drink with me? To celebrate? )
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Title: Interruptions
Author: Akiko
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: none
Word count: 490
Prompt: Final Fantasy XII, Balthier/Fran: trying to find a moment of quiet - "Will everyone just leave us alone for one bloody hour?!"
Even sky pirates needed a midday break. )
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Title: Confessional
Author: Bat
Rating: R
Warnings: Slash, slight AU, spanking, D/s, UST, mild OOC, and religious mischief(?)
Prompt: [Nov. 15] Final Fantasy XII, Balthier/Basch: 'Forgive me father for I have sinned, over and over and over again' (Could be religious or not, bonus points for confessional/penance scene.)
Word count: 977
Summary: Post battle with Dr. Cid and Venat. Balthier feels guilty for having to fight his father and seeks forgiveness through prayer.
A/N: I was going to make this fairly smutty, but I realized it would distract from the feel of the story a bit, so I lessened the smuttiness. Unsure of FFXII's view of religion (or just forgetful of it), I ended up mixing it slightly with Christianity and my own imagined version of what religion would be like in Ivalice. I would advise those highly religious not to read this (just in case it comes off offensive in any way - which is entirely unintentional if it is).

The room Balthier entered was dark and still, silent like the death that he knew of all too well. )
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Title: The Effects of the Gum Gum Flower
Author: Bat
Rating: NC17
Warnings: Femslash, smut, frottage, underage.
Prompt: [Nov. 11th] Final Fantasy XII, Penelo/Anyone: seductive - You make me wanna dance/Can we take it to the floor/You have no idea what I have in store
Word count: 1,731
Summary: On their way to Eruyt Village for the first time, Penelo stumbles into something that causes unusual side effects.
A/N: Probably didn't do the best with the 'seductive' part of the prompt, but I came as close as I could. The name of the flower is partially inspired by my missing watching/reading One Piece (been so long!). Hope the OP doesn't mind femslash. ^^; (Apologies for the late entry!)

Golmore Jungle, once one got past the monsters, was a pleasant and peaceful oasis. )
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Title: Defeat
Author: Akiko
Rating: PG
Warnings: none
Word count: 375
Prompt: Final Fantasy XII, Balthier/Fran: bets - "Do not pretend you have no memory of our bet, Balthier."
Summary: Fran convinces Balthier to concede defeat in a bet.

I could never forget a bet placed, not with such delightful terms on its outcome. )
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Catching up on belated prompts~

Fandom: FFXII: pre-OGC
Author: ellnyx
Title: Quite Casually
Prompt: June 26, Balthier/Fran: straight up missionary-style fucking - "I can't remember when we last did it like this."
Rating/Content: NC-17, sex, first times.
Word Count: 2900
A/N: Part of [this] timeline.
Summary: They're both fine with the idea of sex. It's the intimacy that sneaks up on them, and always when they're too tired to fight it off.


+ )

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Title: One Year Later
Author/Artist: mrasaki
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: None
Word count: 2777
Summary: For the prompt “Final Fantasy XII, Basch/Balthier: post game reunion - Basch and Balthier meet for the first time in a year.”
A/N: I can't believe I got this done in time.

(Balthier tilted his head in the familiar gesture, the same half-teasing blink of long lashes. “Not going to say hello?” he asked.)

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Title: Wisdom of a Race
Author: Bat
Rating: PG13
Warnings: Femslash, fluff, mild sexual content.
Prompt: Final Fantasy XII, Fran/Ashe: unrequited love - you're too young
Word count: 820
Summary: Humes and viera are different when it comes to certain things, sometimes judging one another because of their differences. Ashe can see past the differences though when it comes to Fran, learning something valuable.
A/N: I may have failed slightly with the unrequited love bit, I'd just like to point that out in advance. ._,; I did my best though. I tried to focus on the underlining reasons why there would be unrequited love between Fran and Ashe. :\ I just don't know if I did well with doing so... T-T;  -Late post-

The viera were a superior race in comparison to the humes... )

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Title: The Pirates Of Pink Pants
Author/Artist: [livejournal.com profile] athenemiranda
Rating: PG
Warnings: Just a getting-together fic, so sadly none. Except for implied Reddas/Balthier ><
Prompt: Crossover: Final Fantasy XII/Final Fantasy V, Reddas/Faris Scherwiz, bonding over drinks, "We are much the same, you and I."
Word count: 900
Summary: Some pirates wear earrings and long coats, and some pirates wear fancy shirts and pink shorts.

And all exiles are actors )
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Title: All Of Their Selves
Author: [livejournal.com profile] ellnyx 
Rating: NC-17
Content: Anal sex, constraints, blindfolds, drunkenness, rape, mental illness.  Spoilers for end-game.
Prompt: Final Fantasy XII, Balthier/Gabranth: blindfolded - the brutal naked truth always reveals itself in the darkness.
Word count: 2600
Summary: Basch, Balthier, Ffamran, Noah, Gabranth, just who is doing what, and for whose satisfaction? 


Balthier's arrivals are spontaneous. He allows Basch little time for preparation, but Basch is a Magister now, performing small miracles and the conquest of nations on likewise short notice.  )
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Title: A Day In The Life Of
Author: [livejournal.com profile] ellnyx 
Rating: M-NC-17
Content: Consensual sex, oral sex, gore (a hunt)
Prompt: Final Fantasy XII: OGC - Balthier/Fran, sex in the snow - as soon as they made camp, she jumped him.
Word count: 2800
Summary: The Strahl is downed, the pirates are completely broke, and if they're going to eat they have to hunt.


Balthier manages the cold better than Fran does, born into Archadian altitude, choosing as he does to fly grinning into the teeth of many a howling wet storm. Fran daydreams of beaches, basking lizard-like and lethargic, the blanket of humidity and warmth a comfort they have been too long without, on this hunt. )
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Title: Admist the Mist of Battle
Author: Bat
Rating: NC17
Warnings: Femslash, smut, frottage, partial dub-con, violence, a single 'f-bomb'.
Prompt: Final Fantasy XII, Fran/Ashe: adrenaline-fuelled rough sex - look so good covered in the enemy's blood
Word count: 1,873
Summary: Getting lost in the Nabreus Deadlands wasn't part of the plan, but neither woman was complaining after they took down a few kills.
A/N: Set during the Roblon hunt (which is basically whenever you accept it and try to take it on). T.T; I don't know about you, but I'm still working on beating that thing. >.> But yeah, it gave me the idea for a good setting for this prompt. Also, Fran has dialog here that may seem slightly OOC, but I'd like to think that being around so many people has finally began to leak into her speech. To the point where she says things that don't seem like something she would normally say, so much as something she's heard (most likely from any of the male characters XD). -LATE POST-

In the midst of the Nabreus Deadlands it was easy to lose sight of your surroundings. )

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Title: Slumming About in the Sewers
Author: Bat
Rating: NC17
Warnings: M/F/F, threesome, heavy smut, underage.
Prompt: Final Fantasy XII - Balthier/Penelo/Fran - first time - "Teach me."
Word count: 2,760
Summary: Post Pharos. When the others treat Penelo as a child, she wanders off on her own. Coming across Balthier and Fran in the Sewers, she has a chance to prove how adult she is.
A/N: ^^; I don't write too much m/f fics, so I am a bit inexperienced on being descriptive about scenes involving m//f. This, thankfully, had another female in it to allow me to try and balance things out. I did my best to keep it as much Penelo/Balthier as it is Penelo/Fran (though it is more Penelo/Fran... ^^ What can I say? I went to my comfort zone). ._. Hope people like this. -LATE POST-

The events that had occurred at the Pharos had left the small band of do gooders exhausted beyond words. )



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