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Title: Playing Dirty
Rating: T
Prompt: 13 - D.Gray Man, Lenalee/Allen, Strip Poker, "Asking a girl to take off her shirt is very ungentlemanly."
Notes: So sorry for the lateness.
Warnings: Spoilerific new hair style I guess?

Playing Dirty )
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Title: Reinvention of Truth
Rating: T
Prompt: 13 - Bleach, Gin/Rangiku: Memories - My old flame was a jester, and a joker, and a dealer of men.
Word count: 3876
Notes: This is a very old prompt that was supposed to be up at July. Much, much apologies OP, for such a long stalling. Spoilers up to chapter 417. Because 416 is revolutionary. It also makes you want to claw your heart out.
Summary: Ichimaru Gin, on managing through a promotion he didn't quite wanted. Set pre-series.

Reinvention of Truth )
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Title: Breathing in Snow
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Adult situations, blood. PWP. Spoilers up to chapter 47
Words: 929
Prompt: 22 - vampire knight, yuki/zero: powerplay/bloodplay/marking "he can't have you."
Summary: A chance encounter ouside the Kuran manor for Zero and Yuuki, and without Kaname around, there's nothing else to do.
Note: Apologies for the one day tardiness!

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Title: Embers of the Heart
Rating: T
Warning: spoilers for 'Valkyrie' , 'Black Sword' and ' Armageddon' books
Words: 866
Prompt: 19 - Odin Sphere, Onyx/Gwendolyn: arranged marriage - She would grow to love him, she supposed, the same as she would anyone else
Summary: Onyx isn't quite expecting Gwendolyn to be his wife anymore, but fate has another path laid before for him.

Embers of the Heart )
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Title: God of Blades
Rating: PG
Warning: Ookami dan KH2 spoilers
Words: 1,050
Prompt: 19 - Crossover: Okami/Kingdom Hearts - Amaterasu/Mickey - calligraphy - strokes of magic
Summary: Mickey Mouse arrives at the land of Nippon, and meets the Sun Goddess.

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Title: So I married a Necromancer
Rating: PG-13
Warning: Ending spoilers
Words: 718
Prompt: 14 - Tales of the Abyss, Jade/Natalia- political marriage - "You certainly have the air of a nobleman."
Summary: Princess Natalia and Colonel Jade 'the Necromancer' Curtiss ties the knot, much to the bride's dismay.

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Title: Small favor
Rating: G
Warning: Spoilers for Fairy Land book
Words: 496
Prompt: 12 - Odin Sphere, Ingway/Mercedes: a battle of words - Haven't you a better use for that tongue than to stick it out at me?
Summary: Mercedes and Ingway, arguing about the better utilization for tongues.

Small favor )


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Title: Long Enough
Rating: PG
Warnings: Spoilers for the Pendulum Arc
Prompt: 11 - Bleach, Ukitake/Shunsui/Shinji: reunion- Even though everything should have changed, some things have not.
Word count: 2,048
Summary: Adjusting to new life and old friends after the Winter War proves to be difficult for some captains.
Long Enough )
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Title: Woman on Top
Rating: T
Warnings: End game spoilers
Prompt: 11 - Persona 4 - Naoto/Kanji - messing with gender roles - It's a mixed-up muddled-up shook-up world.
Word count: 1,018
Summary: The Shiroganes can tell that Naoto's the one wearing the pants in their marriage.


Woman on Top )
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Title: Oceans Away
Rating: PG
Warnings: Crimson sphere spoilers
Prompt: 9 - Final Fantasy X-2, Baralai/Nooj: changing roles - When they met again all those years later, Nooj was the one reaching out while Baralai drew away
Word count: 767
Summary: Baralai and Nooj meet again two years after the incident at Kilika Highroad, but someone else's intentions doesn't bode well for a reunion.

Oceans Away )
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Title: Cause an Effect
Rating: T
Warning: Hints of violence
Prompt: 3 - Skip Beat!, Reino/Kyoko: forced seduction - out of the woods.
Word count: 1,030
Summary: Reino. Kyoko. The woods in Karuizawa. Not a very good combination, especially when Sho and Ren and the paparazzis find out.
Notes: Not sure if this is what the prompter wants...

Cause an Effect )
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Title: Cross-dominance
Rating: PG
Warning: DDS2 spoilers
Prompt: 3 - Digital Devil Saga, David/Jenna: first impressions, social awkwardness, getting off on the wrong foot - "Can we start over? I'm bad at this."
Word count: 645
Summary: Despite the full knowledge of his life will never get normal anymore, David's first reaction to Jenna is to spill coffee on her laptop.

Cross-dominance )
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Title: No turning back
Rating: PG-13
Warning: Spoilers for the Pendulum arc
Word Count: 677
Prompt: 1st - Bleach, Gin/Rangiku: parting- "Let her go, let her live, let her die on her own. We are are all of us bruised and alone.
Note: So sorry for the lateness!


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Title: Mask of Illusion
Rating: PG-13
Words: 2,584
Warnings: Suikoden III ending and IV spoilers
Prompt: 27 – Suikoden III – Luc/Sarah – unrequited love – “I can only watch and wait and do my best.”
Summary: They say your life flashed before your eyes before your untimely demise, and it was true for Sarah.
Note: So sorry that it's late!


Mask of Illusion )
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Title: One more bite
Rating: T
Words: 552
Warning: Suggestive themes
Prompt: 22nd – Persona 4, Chie & Yukiko/Souji, Yosuke and/or Kanji: Female domination/soft bondage and torture/spoonfeeding?; The girls are insistent the guys try their newest recipe and will get them to do so by any means necessary. (Does not have to be adult, but would love to see it go that way.) - "We promise you'll like it this time!"
Summary: Failed cooks needed to experiment, and the best testers are your closest friends. Even if it involves whips and cake knives. [I'm very sorry this is late]

One more bite )
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Title: A wonderful error
Rating: G
Words: 602
Warning: None
Prompt: 24th – Crossover, Azumanga Daioh/Bleach, Uryuu/Sakaki: awkwardness and fail – stuffed animals
Summary: It's the cultural week, and as Sakaki puts out her prized stuffed cats, she's not expecting to meet a comrade in arms.

A wonderful error )
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Title: Communication Breakdown
Rating: PG
Words: 1,102
Warnings: Movie spoilers and no beta, so read on your own risk. [I'm very sorry this is late!]
Prompt: 15th – FF7, Cloud/Tifa: Silence – if there were no words, no way to speak, I would still hear you
Summary: They've shared their moments silently together, more than they realized.


Communication Breakdown )
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Title: Polyandry
Word count: 1,358
Fandom: Suikoden V
Rating: T
Warning: Ending spoilers and adult situations.
Prompt: 16th – Suikoden V, Lymsleia: multiple partners – she never married again, but she never lacked for company, either.
Summary: No more Sacred Games, and that means no more Sacred Consort  King for Lysmleia, either.

Polyandry )
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Title: Guilty as charged
Fandom: Persona 4
Word Count: 1,775
Rating: R
Warning: Teenage boy POV. Not worksafe.
Prompt: 12th – Persona 4, Naoto/Kanji: crossdressing – “If I have to wear this, then so do you”
Summary: Spring, summer and winter has come to Kanji Tatsumi’s life all at once.

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Title: The Long way Home
Fandom: Suikoden
Rating: PG-13
Warning: GS I and IV spoilers
Word count: 611
Prompt: 11th – Suikoden: Lazlo/Tir: substitution: sharing memories of Ted
Summary: Tir Mcdohl found a new best friend, with no one to share the news with

The long way Home )



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