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Title: Biologically Hers Or Not
Author: lady_katana4544
Rating: T
Characters/Pairing: Haruka, Michiru, mentions of others; Haruka/Michiru, implied Setsuna/Haruka/Michiru
Summary: Biologically hers or not. She would love their newest edition as her own.
Prompt: September 24th, Sailor Moon, Haruka/Michiru: pregnancy - Biologically hers or not, Haruka loved to touch her belly and imagine the addition of another child to their little family.
Disclaimer: Recognizable characters are not mine.
Warnings: femslash, pregnancy, intimacy, implied violence
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Title: Mood Telling
Author: lady_katana4544
Rating: T
Characters/Pairing: Haruka, Michiru, mentions of others; Haruka/Michiru, implied Setsuna/Haruka/Michiru
Prompt: September 19th, Sailor Moon, Haruka/Michiru: moods, tension, arguments, music - She could always tell Michiru's mood by the way she played her violin, and right now she was the angriest Haruka had ever seen...
Disclaimer: Recognizable characters are not mine.
Warnings: femslash, relationship fighting, tension, slight angst
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Title: Timeless Harmony
Author/Artist: [ profile] diane_b_taylor
Rating: R
Warnings: Just a pair of girls loving each other in semi-public
Disclaimer: I do not own the characters in this fan fiction. I do not make any money off this fan fiction. 
Word count: 675

ailor Moon, Haruka/Michiru: dates - Haruka loved to take her to symphonies, feeling the effect the music had on her.

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Title: certain people
Author/Artist: [ profile] incandescens
Rating: PG
Warnings: None
Prompt: Crossover, Sailor Moon/Doctor Who, Sailor Pluto: overlapping jurisdictions - “Who died and made you the Time Police?”
Word count: 281

certain people )
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Title: Tough Decisions
Author: [ profile] lady_katana4544
Rating: T
Characters/Pairing: Haruka, Michiru, Setsuna, ensemble; Haruka/Michiru/Setsuna, implied Usagi/Mamoru, implied Usagi/Rei
Prompt: "Sailor Moon, Haruka/Michiru/Setsuna: adulthood - someone’s going to have to make the hard decisions and I’d rather it be us"
Disclaimer: Recognizable characters are not mine.
Warnings: implied violence, femslash
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Title:  High-Heeled Swordplay
Rating: T only cuz there's a little language, this is the tamest thing I've ever written.
Prompt:   Sailor Moon, Minako Aino/Kunzite: Swords and sword-play – What is love without the battle and the blood?
Warnings:  not much, like I said this is honestly the tamest fanfic I've written, some sexual tension and swording (so a little blood--squint or you'll miss it) and one or two curse words...
Word count: 6,000+ (I wasn't happy with the gajillion other words so I butchered it and became a little happier but not by much, OP kutos might cheer me up--honestly what am I kidding any kutos, or even a single kuto I'm not picky folk.)
Summary: Sailor Venus needs to teach the senshi swords and decides only one person is capable...Kunzite?
A/N: OMG sorry for lateness!!!!!!  I should have known better than to pick TWO prompts, one of them for a fandom I've never written for.  Where the hell do I get off trying to grow as a writer and kick my problem with meeting deadlines?  I think I want to write the smut attatched to this, I just couldn't get it out and I HAD to get this posted, for my own sanity...I couldn't write much of anything else and that's not what I sign-ed up for.  LESSION:  kikimaye only get's one prompt from now on, unless they're in her comfort zone...Given time to update all my other FFs I could be convinced to continue this FF, with a higher rating. Reviews would help of course, but I promise nothing, I don't want to give this thing power over my muse again. * sniffle * Anyway *slaps self* stop rambling kiki...


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Title: Power Struggles
Author: lady_katana4544
Rating: T
Characters: Elita One, Arcee, ensemble; Elita One/Arcee
Summary: It was time to show her lover, that she couldn't get away with anything forever.
Prompt: July 26th - Transformers G1, Elita/Arcee - power struggle: "forced to take disciplinary action, my aft."
Disclaimer: Recognizable characters are not mine.
Warnings: femslash, violence, intimacy, some language

Title: Raising a Kid Together
Author: lady_katana4544
Rating: T
Characters/Pairing: Setsuna, Haruka, Michiru, mentions of others; Setsuna/Haruka/Michiru
Summary: It had taken her long to realize, what Setsuna might have already known from the beginning.
Prompt: July 29th- Sailor Moon, Setsuna/Haruka/Michiru: family -"We're raising a kid together, aren't we?"
Disclaimer: Recognizable characters are not mine.
Warnings: femslash, implied violence
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Title: If He Were To Know
Author: lady_katana4544
Rating: T
Characters/Pairing: Soundwave, Starscream, Skywarp, Thundercracker, Megatron, ensemble; Soundwave/Elita Trine
Summary: If only Megatron were to know just how Soundwave got the three Seekers to join the Decepticons.
Prompt: July 20th - Transformers (G1), Soundwave/Seekers: seeker sex slaves, mindfuck - If Megatron had any idea just Soundwave recruited the seekers, he might be a bit more suspicious as to Soundwave's true capabilities.
Disclaimer: Recognizable characters are not mine.
Warnings: slash, violence, implied intimacy

Title: Give Them Something To Talk About
Author: lady_katana4544
Rating: T
Characters/Pairing: Haruka, Michiru, ensemble other unnamed characters; Haruka/Michiru, implied Rei/Usagi, implied Setsuna/Haruka/Michiru
Summary: We'll give them something to talk about now.
Prompt: July 20th - Sailor Moon, Haruka/Michiru: coming out to the public - "Let's give them something to talk about."
Disclaimer: Recognizable characters are not mine.
Warning: femslash, implied violence

Title: They Made Us Do It
Author: lady_katana4544
Rating: T
Characters/Paring: Ultra Magnus, Cyclonus, mentions of others; Ultra Magnus/Cyclonus, implied Galvatron/Cyclonus
Summary: We didn't do this on our own.
Prompt: July 20th - Transformers; Ultra Magnus/Cyclonus; aliens made them do it; when we meet again, we meet as enemies
Disclaimer: Recognizable characters are not mine.
Warnings: implied intimacy, language, slash
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Title: my sweet angel with wings of white
Author: [ profile] ladyyueh
Rating: PG
Warnings: Unhealthy, possessive thoughts?
Word count: 245
Prompt: July 7th, Sailor Moon, Usagi/Mamoru: Wing!kink, Longing - He yearns to touch the sky with her
A/N: This did not go the way I planned and it came out kind of disturbing and creepy. And the prompter definitely didn't ask for this. I'm so unhappy that I couldn't write decent wing!fic because I love that stuff, but Mamoru decided he was a creeper and, well...

Summary: She's his except for when she's flying. )
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Title: Haruka's Song
Author: [ profile] goddesswashu
Fandom: Sailor Moon
Rating: NC-17
Prompt: March 17 - Sailor Moon, Haruka/Michiru: body worship--playing her like her beloved violin.
Word Count: 437
Notes: One day late, sorry!

Haruka's Song )
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Title: Before The Battle
Author: [ profile] goddesswashu
Fandom: Sailor Moon
Rating: NC-17
Prompt: March 5 - 5 - Sailor Moon, Haruka/Michiru: Desperate sex before a battle - They never knew when their luck would run out.
Word Count: 620

Before The Battle )
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Title: Her Dream Girl
Author: Chrissy Sky
Rating: M.
Warnings: Alluded girl porn.
Prompt: Sailormoon, Haruka/Michiru: Vehicle sex--"Just wrap your legs round these velvet rims and strap your hands across my engines."
Word count: 489
Summary: See prompt.
A/N: The prompter probably wanted something more serious… but my mind tends to lean toward crack. ^^; Sorry about that.

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Title: Return
Author: Chrissy Sky
Rating: R / M
Warnings: Alluded porn. Drabble-ish.
Prompt: Sailor Moon, Mamoru/Fiore: plant!sex--This time, Fiore brought back a more 'pleasing' flower to share with Mamoru
Word count: 175
Summary: See Prompt.
A/N: I see “plant sex” and think “tentacle porn”. That’s how I roll. Also, posting early this morning because I’m gonna be busy at work today. Oh, the holidays…

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Title: Three Princes
Author: [ profile] sophiap
Rating: PG
Warnings: None
Word Count: c. 1,000
Summary: One prince needs a small favor from another.
A/N: For the prompt Crossover: Sailor Moon(Mangaverse)/???, Mamoru/???: A healer's duty - "Right now, what you are doesn't matter much to me. What does matter is that you are my patient. And as a healer, it is my duty to aid you--and, if necessary, protect you." Crossover with Princess Tutu and Sandman

Where you are is very real. Perhaps even more real than the splinter of reality you call home. )
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Title: My Moonlight Angel
Author/Artist: [ profile] zebra_in_dream
Rating: G
Warnings: -
Summary: After an exhausting battle, Sailor Moon is resting at Mamoru's and there's this one question he has wondered about for sometime now.
A/N: I'm German. Please bother to correct me if I messed up grammar or anything else. (A/N shamelessly plugged from Carmilla DeWinter).
My Moonlight Angel )

Prompt: Sailor Moon, Mamoru/Usagi: Wing!kink--"My moonlight angel"
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Title: Final Moment
Author: [ profile] kawaiigami
Rating: G.
Warnings: Implied character death *points to prompt*
Word Count: 353
Summary: Those of the Silver Millenium were long-lived, but not immortal.
Prompt:Crossover: Sailor Moon/YuYuHakusho, Saturn/Koenma: Beauty in death--"Isn't it lovely, this final moment of existence?"
Notes: Writers block had me working on this until the last minute.^^;; Hope it works.

He'd known this day would come. )
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Title: Always There
Author: [ profile] kawaiigami
Rating: G
Warnings: Worksafe, my brain comes up with odd things
Word Count: 386
Prompt: Sailor Moon (mangaverse), Mamoru/Usagi: Hurt/comfort - "She may be the world's greatest warrior, but she still needs a gentle hand to help heal her wounds and wipe away the tears."
Summary: Usagi has nightmares, Mamoru comforts her afterwards.
A/N: Last post this round, and on time, w00t! I'm not quite sure how I feel about this one, but such is the case with most of my writing.

He knows what to expect... )
ext_38613: If you want to cross a bridge, my sweet, you have to pay the toll. (Sailor Moon: Serenity)
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Title: New Leaves
Author: Atalan (writing journal: [ profile] brightwanderer)
Rating: PG
Warnings: just a bit of girlkissing
Word count: 310
Summary: Maybe Rei's right: maybe making this life count is worth more than hanging on to the last one.
Prompt: Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon (live action), Minako/Rei, past and present selves - Minako places a lot of value on her past life, but Sailor Venus hadn’t loved Sailor Mars in the past.

Things change, my dear. )
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Title: "Take Me" (Gee, how original... [/sarcasm])
Author: [ profile] n_finitefangirl
Rating: NC-17
Warning: male!Haruka, strap-on dildo, fem!dom, slight case of PWP, no beta (also first porn fic I've ever written)
Word Count: 805
Summary: Sometimes, Haruka doesn’t mind bottoming for Michiru...
Author’s Notes: This is set in the mangaverse, where Haruka has the ability to switch between male and female forms when she’s not in her Senshi form. Also, I’m tempted to write a second part to this fic; need feedback to see if this idea is welcomed or not. Though personally, I think I failed on the wild part... ((EDIT: I will freely admit that this is one of my worst works yet. I will try to do much better with my other prompts from now on))

Take Me )
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Title:  Shadow Lover
Author: belladonna12
Rating:  R
Word count:  690
Summary:  Sometimes love is worth dying for.

A/N:   Mou, another one from the somewhat darker corners of my brain.  Words in italics are Hotaru’s.
Disclaimer: I don’t own the ideas for FFVII or Sailor Moon, nor am I making any money off of this.
Final Fantasy VII/Sailor Moon, Sephiroth/Sailor Saturn: Seduction: “I shouldn’t feel this way… but I do.”




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