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Title: Not All Punishment is Pain
Author: MerePrototype
Rating: M
Warnings: Dubcon, manipulation, adult/minor sex (character ages are 35 and 15), pseudo-incest (see prompt for explanation)
Prompt: Weiss Kreuz, Crawford/Nagi: father complex – “You’re really fucked in the head, aren’t you.”
Word Count: 1210
Summary: Certain that Tot's dead, Nagi's so desperate for comfort that he'll take it from whoever offers. Even if he knows it's fake.
A/N: I am very, very sorry for how late this is. I ended up having a surgery moved up to the date this was originally due, so I put it off until I'd recovered completely. Many thanks to [personal profile] nuraya for beta-reading for me.

It feels like his world has come to an abrupt, agonizing end. Nagi doesn't know that Tot lived – he only knows that he tore everything apart in his fit of rage afterward and came to cocooned in blankets in a room familiar in its unfamiliarity. Every motion, every breath, every thought takes more effort than he ever imagined possible. The painful peace only lingers for seconds; Schuldig's voice cuts into his head an instant later, snickering at Nagi in languages both familiar and strange. Several sharp seconds pass until that, too, ends and the bedroom door creaks open. Rolling over to see who it is would be more effort than it's worth. Only Crawford would bother coming to talk to him right now. Crawford's the leader, Crawford's the creepily-composed conductor of Schwarz's affairs as the day for their second betrayal draws closer, and Crawford's the one who'll punish Nagi for the inevitable list of things he did wrong. He wasted his energy, he dared to think of leaving, he let his emotions get in the way of their goals, he....

"You were reminded that afternoon of where your priorities should lie," Crawford points out. Nagi nods and forces himself to roll over slowly although it disturbs how perfectly the blankets are wrapped around him and how warm they keep him. That simple motion makes his stomach rumble hard enough to hurt; how long has it been since Nagi ate? Combining a massive use of power with a delay of what he thinks is only a day or two means he'll put a small dent in his bank account as soon as he can order something to eat. From that position, he sits up slowly and clutches those blankets, waiting for the blow or the icy lecture that he's certain is going to follow.

But it doesn't come. Instead, Crawford wraps his arm around Nagi's shoulder in an act so blatantly comforting that it's almost certainly fake. He leans into it anyway, craving both warmth and comfort no matter how false the latter is. Tears blur his vision; he blinks a few times and they run down his cheeks.

"Did you ever consider that I did that because I knew what was going to happen and wanted to spare you the heartbreak?" Nagi wipes his face with the blanket corners and looks up, his blue eyes wide with confusion. At the time, the thought hadn't crossed his mind at all. But now....

He shakes his head several slow times. "You didn't give me time to consider anything." And now Nagi can't help doubting himself and what he did. If Crawford told him then, would he have done it anyway? Would it have still happened if he knew what to expect and when to move Tot out of the way?

Crawford sighs, draws Nagi in closer, and strokes his hair. This feels so much stranger than the touch that he can't tell any more if this is an act or not. He's too exhausted to put a lot of effort into thinking and despite hating most of the world, including Crawford off and on at varying points, Nagi doesn't hate him at the moment. He ends up jerking away quickly the moment he realizes what sort of reaction he's having instead.

"What's wrong now?"

Forcing himself to stay blank doesn't work and Nagi's face turns pink while he inches across the mattress. "It's personal. If you leave, I can deal with it."

"If I stay, maybe I can help with it."

Nagi can feel his empty stomach clench with nerves and he keeps items from rattling around them mostly because he hasn't had time to regain any strength, physically or otherwise. Part of him knows, deep in the corners that remember facts, that men living together for long periods of time sometimes end up intimate for relaxation if nothing else, and that same part knows that he's a teenager no matter how mature he tries to act. Hormones and random arousal are normal; they will be for a while still. And it's obvious that he can barely move, much less use his telekinesis to deal with it on his own. If it weren't for the fact that Crawford's coming across as fatherly right now, it would be easy to take the offer.

He says that quietly, but it does nothing to help his body.

And Crawford laughs. It sounds enough like his usual self that Nagi's sure he's about to get up and walk away acting like the last few moments never happened. Instead, he pushes the blankets off Nagi's shoulders and pulls him towards the middle of the bed.

"You're more disturbed than I assumed. That's not a problem at all." He tugs Nagi's loose pants and boxers off without hesitation. He wraps his warm, callused hand around Nagi's erection and starts stroking. At the same time, Crawford moves his body enough that his belt buckle rests in front of Nagi's mouth. "I would appreciate it if you put aside your interpretation of my actions long enough to do at least something in return."

At this point, saying no doesn't feel like an option even if he wanted to. Nagi's always been the type to get caught up in what he feels – if he weren't, he wouldn't be in this situation – and what he feels right now is enough arousal that his fatherly notions towards Crawford aren't going to get in the way. Maybe they even make this seem better to whatever part of him enjoys things or people that are supposed to be forbidden, just as Tot was.

Nagi clumsily gets Crawford's belt open and only bothers moving enough fabric out of the way to ease his dick out. He starts to pay slow, firm attention with his hands only to pause when the hand stimulating him turns into Crawford's mouth instead. He rocks his hips without thinking; Crawford holds them still. Nagi takes a slow breath before working his own mouth around just Crawford's tip, figuring it's easier to do two things at once than risk gagging. If nothing else it helps muffle the sounds he makes with every swirl of Crawford's tongue and press of fingers behind his balls.

His body is finished even faster than it is when he's efficiently masturbating in front of his computer. Crawford doesn't seem to mind, though, and pulls back after a couple brief swallows. With no more distractions, Nagi pushes his mouth down a couple more inches but keeps moving his hand as well. It feels like ages before Crawford suddenly shoves Nagi away, fists his length several times, and finishes on Nagi's neck and shirt.

They both move back to their original positions – Nagi curled on the bed and Crawford standing next to it – without saying a word. Although he expects Crawford to leave, instead he finds his face being gently wiped off with a tissue before Crawford kisses him. Nagi's fingers tug at his hair in surprise until he pulls away.

"Whether or not you see me as a father, it can happen again only if you're not foolish enough to waste your time and energy on damaged girls with no future worth seeing."
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