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Tick-Like Thing [Torchwood, Gwen/Tosh, NC-17]

Title: Tick-Like Thing
Author: [personal profile] merryghoul  (formerly missvmarigold)
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: dubcon
Word count: 777
Summary: One day Tosh saved Gwen's life. After that, things were awkward.
A/N: For the prompt "May 27: Torchwood, Gwen/Tosh: fuck or die - This was going to make things awkward in the Hub."

Tick-Like Thing )

Not All Punishment is Pain (Weiss Kreuz, Crawford/Nagi, M)

Title: Not All Punishment is Pain
Author: MerePrototype
Rating: M
Warnings: Dubcon, manipulation, adult/minor sex (character ages are 35 and 15), pseudo-incest (see prompt for explanation)
Prompt: Weiss Kreuz, Crawford/Nagi: father complex – “You’re really fucked in the head, aren’t you.”
Word Count: 1210
Summary: Certain that Tot's dead, Nagi's so desperate for comfort that he'll take it from whoever offers. Even if he knows it's fake.
A/N: I am very, very sorry for how late this is. I ended up having a surgery moved up to the date this was originally due, so I put it off until I'd recovered completely. Many thanks to [personal profile] nuraya for beta-reading for me. act so blatantly comforting that it's almost certainly fake. )
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Dog Cage [DOGS, BlackDog!Heine/Heine, NC-17]

Title: Dog Cage
Author: [personal profile] eevilalice
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Dubcon, Humiliation, D/s, Violence, Autoeroticism/Self-cest (depending on how you view Kerberos/BlackDog!Heine), Mindfuck
Word Count: 2,113
Summary: There are consequences to keeping the mad dog inside you locked up.
A/N: I experienced a bit of a mindfuck myself writing this. I hope it's not confusing and is rough enough (as the prompt requested). Do let me know if I've missed any warnings.

Dog Cage )
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The Master and the Watcher [Doctor Who, Five/Nyssa, NC-17]

Title: The Master and the Watcher
Author: [personal profile] merryghoul 
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: no standard warnings apply
Word count: 354
Summary: Nyssa has nightmares of her time in Logopolis.
A/N: For the prompt "Doctor Who, 5th Doctor/Nyssa: hurt & comfort - The Master was her father."

Story )
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Door Number Three [Saiyuki, Gojyo/Sanzo, PG-13]

Title: Door Number Three
Author: [personal profile] kirathaune
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 950
Pairings: Gojyo/Sanzo, implied Gojyo/Hakkai
Summary: Gojyo comes back to the inn after carousing all night, and he can't quite remember which door is Hakkai's.
Notes: Written for Springkink May 10 prompt, prompt specifics at the end of the story. Sorry I'm late!

What's behind door number three?

Celebrate [Noblesse, Takeo/Tao/M-21, G]

Title: Celebrate
Author: [personal profile] darkicedragon
Rating: G
Warnings: None.
Word count: 1,323
Summary: Takeo was only just able to stop his hands going towards the pistols he didn't have when he heard the 'bang' in front of him, and that was because it was Tao standing there, his usual wide grin firmly in place.
A/N: Written for the prompt, 'Noblesse, M-21/Tao/Takeo: domesticity - This is the only home I've ever had.'

Link for Celebrate
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The Seventh Night - [G1 Transformers, Rodimus x Everybody, R]

Title: The Seventh Night
Author/Artist: [personal profile] saeru
Rating: R
Warnings: This is Robot porn. Thus far, it has included tactile, plug-n-play, and spark-play. Some of it is explicit, some of it not so much, but other types of kinks and intimate experiences may occur. Watch each chapter for warnings.
Word count: 13,436 and counting.
Summary: For the May 10 prompt- Transformers (G1), Rodimus Prime/everybody: ritual sex - "Chosen One"
The threat of Unicron is gone, the Decepticons are vanquished, and all that remains for Rodimus to do is rebuild Cybertron. However, when dark dreams start to torment him during his recharge, he is horrified to learn that there might be more to becoming 'Prime' than getting a new trailer and a name change. If only he hadn't missed out on the first night. If only he could pass the Matrix on to someone else. If only he didn't have to pick the best of the Autobots to sleep with...
But that can't be so bad, can it?
Unwittingly forced to chose someone each night for his Matrix to sample, he has to learn the hard way how difficult it is to be leader, how far the boundaries of his friendships will go, and how much he'll have to give up in the process.
(Rodimus x Arcee, Springer, Blurr, Perceptor, Ultra Magnus, and SPECIAL GUEST SPOILER.  But not all at the same time.)
A/N: This isn't finished yet, but I wanted to be sure to get it up today. More will be coming. Keep an eye out on my journal or my A03 Account to see the rest!
Also, this is sad.
This is really, really sad.
You have been warned.

The Seventh Night )

Mirror, Mirror [Ouran HS Host Club- Hikaru/Kaoru/Kyoya- R]

Title: Mirror, Mirror
Author/Artist: [ profile] ehvul_butterfly
Rating: R (to be safe)
Warnings: Lots of naughty innuendo, some touching, boys crossdressing (in case that's not your thing.)
Word count: 1248
Summary: For the May 1 prompt- Ouran High School Host Club, Kaoru/Hikaru/Kyouya: crossdressing, teasing, pranks - When they'd asked him to model for them, they hadn't bothered to mention it was for a new okama line. They were taking this "mommy" business too far.
A/N: Last touched by me. And late. This should be a lesson in overextending myself, but I'm sure it won't be. Also, I feel like I deviated from the prompt a little. Hope that's okay. (Also, also: the boys are over 18.)

Mirror, Mirror )

Ripples [Assassin's Creed, Desmond/Ezio/Altaïr, PG-13]

Title: Ripples
Author: [personal profile] darkicedragon
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: None.
Word count: 2,510
Summary: Desmond is losing his mind; he's pretty okay with that.
A/N: Written for the prompt, 'Assassin's Creed, Desmond/Ezio/Altair: multiple personalities - Going insane shouldn't feel this good.'

Link for Ripples
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Affairs [Final Fantasy VII, Tifa / Rude, T]

Title: Affairs
Author: [personal profile] samuraiter
Rating: T
Warnings: None.
Word Count: 2,005
Prompt: Final Fantasy VII, Tifa/Rude: Undercover individual falls in love with a member of the group they are infiltrating - On the rocks
Summary: Tifa discovers that being a Turk is not all that bad, honestly.
A / N: Rude can be a real sweetie at times. (This takes place after Dirge of Cerberus, BTW.)

Affairs )
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Her Butler, Solicitous [Black Butler, Sebastian/Elizabeth, NC-17]

Title: Her Butler, Solicitous
Author/Artist: [personal profile] eevilalice
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: None not implied by the rating.
Word count: 1,319
Summary: Ciel is not her first, but his butler is.
A/N: I read mostly Sebastian/Ciel, but I could not resist this prompt and the story that immediately came to mind. This is my first Kuro fic, and my first non-HP fic, period. I’m pretty excited and hope it pleases!

Her Butler, Solicitous )
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Illuminating Manuscript [Soul Eater, Maka/Kid, G]

Illuminating Manuscript
[ profile] ehvul_butterfly
Word count: 1590
Summary: For the May 1 prompt: Soul Eater, Maka/Kid: Books - The quickest way to a girl's heart. So many apologies for being a couple days late!

Illuminating Manuscript )
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Behind Schedule [Kuroshitsuji, Will/Grell, Explicit]

 Behind Schedule
Author: [personal profile] deadcellredux
Rating: Explicit

Word count: 2,042
Summary: William is interrupted at work, and subsequently distracted. Thoroughly.

A/N: Written for the prompt Will/Grell: glovekink - the smell of blood and leather.

Behind Schedule )
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Prompt List Open for Claiming

- Kinkfest FAQ: Claiming.

Please bear with me as I'll be going from this community to the LJ community updating as RL permits.
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Mod Post: Fanmixes

I have a question for our lovely members. How would you guys feel about adding fanmixes into the pot? Maybe for those fans who want to be a part of the community and contribute but not feel up to writing or drawing? We could limit the number of claims for each prompt to maybe 1 or 2 for fanmixes. Thoughts.
Entry tags:

Prompt Collecting Post For Round XI (May 1st to May 31st '12)


Mini-FAQ (in detail FAQ available here)

Who can participate?
Anyone age 18 and over.

How does it work?
You'll be asked to submit as many prompts as you'd like to the challenge.

To submit a prompt please leave a comment to this post using the following format - a number (pick from 1 to 31); fandom, pairing/threesome or moresome: a kink/cliche or fannish trope - a phrase/word/idea/lyric

Ex. 19; Sex Pistols, Yonekuni/Shiro: Claiming or establishing ownership (private or public; by gesture, word, or ritual; with sex; with a collar and leash; with scent-marking or by biting) - I could bring you so much pleasure.

[Please remember to format your prompts as we've indicated above. This will make the prompt gathering for the claim post a great deal easier for your mods. Thank you!]

There's no limit to the number of prompts you can submit and submitting them does not obligate you to participate.

One last detail - anonymous comments will not be added to the prompt list, so please log in under your username!

What happens to the requests?
All will be gathered and posted to a master list of doom.

How do I sign up?
We'll gather all prompts and list them under specific days in May. Prompts can be claimed a total of six times (three for fic and three for art).

How many words am I expected to write?
The minimum is 100 and there is no max.

Round XI Schedule
Prompt Submission begins February 1, 2012.
Prompt Submission period ends on February 29, 2012.
Prompt List goes up by March 3, 2012.
Claiming begins on March 10, 2012 @ 9 AM EST.
Stories/Art will be posted between May 1st and May 31st.

All comments will be screened.

Note: The two most frequent mistakes with prompting are users forgetting to be signed in (anonymous prompts will not be added to the final prompt list) and to include a number between 1 and 31 at the beginning of each prompt.